You will be delighted when you try the Alamani retail brand of organic products and herbs as they are so tasty and aromatic. Like nothing you have experienced before.

We are delighted to serve your needs for quality ingredients with the finest organic flavors on Earth.

To ensure that quality always comes first, our supplier in Ajloun, Jordan, partners with growers that produce bulk organic herbs and spices to their exacting specifications. The elite network of growers are recognized not only for their quality, but also for their consistency.

Instead of using chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, our organic growers use only natural, non-gmo products.

Alamani Organic Herbs & Beyond has a unique approach in that we package our retail brand in a zip lock bag with an adhesive name label (found on back of each package).

Alamani Organic Herbs & Beyond take pride in providing the food of our ancestors that we grew up eating. The product line is comprised of 30 items including Zaatar, Sumac, Jameed, Goat Cheese, Keshek, Olives and Oil, Miloukiya, Mixed herbs and Spices, etc.

These Organically grown products are brought to the community in USA from the beautiful Land of Anjara, Ajloun in Jordan and we stand behind every single item we advertise. So sit back and enjoy, Sahtain.

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